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Giving Details Attention As You Prepare For Your Move

by Virgil Hopkins

Are you moving to a new city by yourself, or are you married with kids? Of course, if you are moving soloyou'll probably be able to pack up and be ready to move without a lot of fuss. However, if you are moving with a spouse and kids, you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. After all, pulling up roots can be a pretty emotional thing to do, whether you have little ones who are saying goodbye to everything that is familiar to them or whether you have teenagers who are leaving their school friends. While you are more than likely looking forward to new experiences, saying goodbye to friends or family is probably even harder on you. From considering details for the packing process that has to take place to giving the moving service detailed instructions regarding the delivery of your belongings, here are some ideas that might help you as you prepare to move. 

The Packing Process: If you're making the move by yourself, there are still details that you might have not considered. For example, consider having an area of your home where you will store things that you don't want the packers to include in the major packing job. For example, you might have important business papers or other documents that you will need upon your arrival in your new place of business. Leave out medications that you may or may not need too. If you are moving an entire family, consider asking each family member to go through personal belongings with the focus of getting rid of things that are no longer used or no longer wanted. The same goes for having an area of things that shouldn't be packed. For example, school documents, shot records, and other important papers will probably be needed right when your kids start their first day of school.

The Delivery Of Belongings: When you make your moving plans initially, be sure to put everything important in writing. For example, you may not be arriving at your new home until you have taken a side trip, maybe to see friends or family members along the way. If that's the case, consider arranging for your belongings to be delivered on the exact day that you will be arriving at your home. It may be necessary to pay a storage fee for the delay. Consider making a detailed chart of where you want your things to be placed once the movers unpack them. For example, carefully mark boxes that go into your little girl's room and things that go into your teenage son's room.