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Three Tips To Help With The Moving Process If You Have Limited Mobility

by Virgil Hopkins

If you are planning a move and you have limited mobility, this might be a process that will involve some assistance. It can be stressful for anyone to plan a move, but if you have a disability or are older, this can feel even more overwhelming. With a little additional help and efficient planning, this process can go smoothly for anyone. Here are three tips for those with limited mobility that are planning a move.

1. Take Your Time and Don't Overdo It

If you are able to do most of your basic packing yourself, try to give yourself ample time to get through this process. If you find you have a lot of items to haul away or donate, you can call on the city or local organizations to set up a curbside pick up. This will keep you from being stuck having to load up your car and deal with this yourself, especially if this is out of your scope physically.

2. Bring in a Packing Company

The day of your move might not be the only part of your process that will involve additional assistance. If you might have trouble reaching certain items or have problems with smaller tasks such as wrapping up breakables and going through drawers, a packing company can help with this part of the process. Some movers will add this to their service for an additional cost or have local recommendations. If additional assistance isn't in your budget, there are nonprofits to help those with disabilities with tasks such as packing for a move.

3. Get Additional Help the Day of Your Move

While movers will be busy with the big tasks of loading and unloading your things, there might be smaller things that you will need assistance with as well. If you can bring in a friend or family member, they can help load up your personal items such as your overnight bag or help with pets and their transportation. If you don't have anyone to call on, there are task-based services where you can hire on a moving assistant for the day to help with your loose ends that wouldn't necessarily fall to the movers.

No matter what your level of mobility, it is important to know your limits and not to push yourself during the moving process. Explain to movers what your limitations are so that they can accommodate your needs accordingly. If you can get your home organized and set up well in advance, you will have the time to find the right assistance to make your move a success. Get in touch with a moving company like a.m.p.m. Movers well in advance of your move so you know what to expect and what additional help you'll need.