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Moving With The Kids? Use These Tips To Take Care Of Their Toys

by Virgil Hopkins

Toys tend to be fragile, so you need to pack them carefully before loading them into a moving van. Your children won't be too happy with you, and this may make them take longer to settle in their new place if you damage their toys. Use these helpful strategies to take care of the toys during the move:  

Leave A Few Toys for the Kids

You shouldn't pack all the toys; moving is such a stressful thing that it's likely your kids will need the toys before the move is over. The first thing is to identify your kids' favorite toys; the kids may need the toys for comfort and amusement during the move. Leave one or two toys reachable, or pack them in easy to open boxes and have them in the car with you.

Bundle Small Toys

Small toys or toy accessories can easily get lost if they are just thrown into boxes. Therefore, bundle several of them together, cover them with packing paper or place them in zip-top bags. This is necessary for self-assembly toys or toys with tiny parts that can easily get lost in transit. You can then place the bundles in bigger boxes together with the other toys.

Be Extra Careful With Collector's Items

If your child has valuable collector's items, such as vintage action figures, then careless packing and handling may decrease their value. Treat such toys as you would expensive electronics or fine china. This means:

  • Packing the toys with bubble wrap before putting them in packing boxes.
  • Using enough filler to prevent too much movement during transit.
  • Not stacking too many boxes, which may crush fragile toys
  • Marking the boxes "Fragile" so that your helpers know how to treat them.

Protect Stuffed Toys

Electronic toys aren't the only playthings you need to protect from damage, even stuffed animals need some protection too. Stuffed animals are susceptible to dust and water contamination, so those are the major things to worry about. You don't want your kids sleeping with, hugging, or kissing stuffed animals that have been exposed to dirty water and dust. On a long move, the toys may even pick up mold and mildew infestation. Therefore, use waterproof plastic bags to wrap the animals before depositing them into the packing boxes.

For really sophisticated toys, such as hi-tech drones, you may need the help of a professional for safe packing. Most moving companies offer these services for an additional fee. They may also have special packing materials to keep the toys (and other items) secure during the move. Don't forget to inquire about such services well in advance, for example, when booking your move, instead of waiting for the moving day to mention it.

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