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Tips For Moving Your Game Systems

by Virgil Hopkins

When you are moving, you might find that you are at a loss for organizing your various gaming systems so that you will know which cords go with which systems. Make sure that you stay organized in order to ensure that you are able to easily reconnect your systems when you reach your new apartment or house. Here are some tips to make the packing process go smoothly.

1. Disconnect All of the HDMI Cables and Store Them Together

Many gaming systems require an HDMI cable to connect to you television itself. First, detach each of your HDMI cables and roll them up so that they are more portable. Secure them with a twist-tie or a piece of twine so that they do not come unrolled and become tangled. Place all of these cords in a separate box or bag and label the box or bag so that you can find it again quickly. Then, take a piece of tape and write "requires HDMI" on it. Put one of these labels on each system that requires an HDMI cable.

2. Disconnect All of the Other Cords One System at a Time and Label Them

Next, disconnect all of your cords one system at a time so that you do not become confused. After you roll them up and secure them with a twist-tie or piece of twine, either wrap a piece of tape around them that has the name of the system to which they used to be connected, or simply tie a colored string around each cable, reserving one color of string for each system. If you use the color system, put another piece of tape on each of your systems specifying which color you used to classify it. If possible, store all of the cables that go to each system together in the same box or the same bag away from the cables of the other systems.

3. Take Inventory

Finally, count the number of cables that go to each game system, excluding the HDMI cable. Write this number on a piece of tape and attach it to each game system. This will let you know that you've found all of the cables for that particular system.

4. Label the Controllers

Most controllers are relatively easy to tell apart, unless you have two different generations of the same gaming system. Then, it might be difficult to tell the controllers apart, which could be a problem if your game system is not backwards compatible. Label the generation of the game system on each controller by writing the name on a piece of tape and putting it on the controller that belongs to that particular generation of system. Store all of your controllers together in a shoe box so that they do not get separated.

For more information, talk a moving company, such as Walsh Moving & Storage. They might have special boxes for your electronics that you can pick up.