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3 Reasons You Should Get A Second Storage Unit

by Virgil Hopkins

If you've been paying for a single storage unit for years, you may need a second unit to make things more organized and convenient for you. Here are 3 reasons you should get a second storage unit for your long-term needs.

Your home is still full of items

If your garage is full of boxes or you can't even access your attic to get to your holiday items, you may need a second storage unit. A storage unit is meant to help alleviate the clutter in your home and help you keep things organized, not make things worse. If you can't park your car in the garage because of all the equipment that is in the way or your spare guest room has been turned into your craft storage space, it's time to think about getting a second storage unit to help you get your home back.

You could save money

Many storage unit facilities offer their long-term and loyal customers a better rate per month if they rent multiple units or upgrade to a larger unit than they are currently using. Talk to a manager at your storage unit facility and see what kind of discount you could get in renting another unit to help keep your things organized. You may find that it only costs you a few more dollars per month to have more space to house your items.

You can organize things based on immediate need

If you have a second storage unit, you can better organize your items. You can place items you only use seasonally or rarely in one unit, and items you may need more frequently in the other. In organizing your units this way, you can also assess just how long you will need to have the additional unit to help you remain organized. if all your items you use on a weekly or monthly basis are placed in their own unit, when you have room for these items in your home again you can simply clean the unit out and cancel the second unit rather than digging them all out of your original unit and causing chaos in the process.

Many people discover that having two storage units is much more convenient than having one. You can better organize your home, keep your items separated by how often you use them, and you can even get a discounted rate on your units if you get a second one. Talk to a storage unit manager like those at Controlled Storage Systems and see if a second unit will work best for your needs.