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College Saving Tips For Storage Unit Rentals

by Virgil Hopkins

If you are a college student who needs extra space by renting a storage unit, then your biggest concern is likely the cost of your unit. Having to rent a dorm room and a storage unit can be tough. However, as a college student, you will be able to find great rates and discounts when renting a storage unit. So, before you rent from any facility that you come across, be sure that you do the following: 

Rent Near Your Campus:

Storage unit facilities understand that college students are on a budget. These facilities also want to earn your business, which is why they will likely offer competitive rates. Renting near your campus won't only help you get student discounts but it will also eliminate a long drive each time you want to add or remove items from your unit, which can lower the fuel cost on an annual basis. So, be sure that you are taking advantage of renting near your campus so you can use great saving student discounts and avoid a long and costly commute to your unit.

Find Starter Deals:

As incentives and bonuses, many storage unit facilities offer promotions like low or little first-month rent deals and free moving services. Finding deals like this will help you avoid some of the initial costs of renting a storage unit, which can definitely help. Also, this may even prevent you from having to pay movers or do the hard work yourself when moving all of your items into your storage unit.

Rent Long Term:

If you want to maximize your savings when renting your unit, be sure to increase the length of your rental. If you plan on attending the local college for a few years, make sure you get the longest lease term possible if you plan on renting your entire time throughout college. The longer your lease term is, the less your monthly rental payments will be, which can add up to a nice amount of savings over the years. So, to be sure you increase your savings, definitely be sure to take advantage of longer lease terms.

Using these tips will not only help you on the cost of your storage unit, but it will also make renting more convenient and less of a burden each time you need to access your unit. So, rather than rush to find a storage unit, definitely keep these tips in mind as they can help you save a good amount of money on your unit.