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What To Do On Moving Day

by Virgil Hopkins

Moving day can be stressful, but not if you are well prepared and know what needs to be done before the movers arrive. Here's what you should be doing on moving day to be sure that once the movers arrive, you are ready to go:

  • ​Take the Bed Apart: The first thing to do would be to take the bed apart. This makes it easier for the movers to move it into the truck and into your new space. Be sure that you pack up your tools once you are done with this step as well, or use them to take apart any other furniture in the home that you have yet to take apart before putting away. Also, pack your mattress in a mattress bag to prevent staining. If you don't have one, the moving company should be able to provide one for you if you request it. 
  • Pack/Throw Away Food: Be sure to throw away any perishables from the fridge and pack up any food that you are taking with you from the cabinets. Don't forget to check every cabinet in the kitchen to be sure that you aren't forgetting anything. 
  • Pack the Bathroom: After you have showered and gotten ready for the day, you are going to want to pack everything in this space including the shower curtain, bath mat, and towels. Pack all your essentials in a small, personal bag that you can take with you and use right away once you move into your new space. 
  • Check Outside and in the Garage: These two areas are often overlooked on moving day and many things get left behind in this space. Always be sure to double check these areas to be sure that you aren't forgetting anything. 
  • Check the Mail: Check your mail box one last time before moving, as well. Also, once you get to your new home, be sure that you have changed your address with your bank, electrical company, other billing companies, and more. This should be done a few weeks before moving, but it doesn't hurt to double check. 
  • Keep Packing Supplies on Hand: Keep pens, a screwdriver, and other moving tools on hand during moving day just in case. You never know if you could've accidentally overlooked labeling certain boxes or you need to use more packaging tape to make some boxes more secure. 

By knowing what you need to do on moving day, the whole process of moving can be much smoother and easier on the professional movers you have hired. For more information on moving, visit http://www.bekins.com.